I have this fight
with my body
in every month
more like an argument
about an important topic
how liberals and
conservatives debating
over a question with no
real answer
my body cries in a
soft voice at first
please gimme a baby
and I am like –
stay calm, kiddo,
that kind of thing
will never happen and
then my body is like
OK I’ll break your spine
in half first and stab
hot skewers in your
back and I’ll make
a crazy bitch out of
you who cries when
the wind is too strong
and after –
that will be such a pleasure –
I’ll use your guts to
embroider a tabloid
of thrown-away fertility
and I say
in every month
after a leaf of
pls don’t tell me
what to do it is
more than enough
when society
tries to force me
pls stay on my side and
it says this is not you
it is biology

Photo Credit: Varga Zsófia



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