Cherry tree

When we met I
planted a cherry tree in
that rich dirt of my
imagination it
grew fast – bloomed like
nothing else I knew
those gold flowers and sweet
fruits lifted the
level of my blood sugar
up in the sky and
painted my fingers and
mouth summerly red
I also ruined my
fav t-shirt with that
fruity meat and once
I broke my teeth on
a seed.
No one told me
imaginary trees grow fruits with
seeds in them – and I
didn’t know these trees can loose a
branch if you
swing too fast
or forget to water.
To pee on their imaginary roots
is not enough.
Or the rich dirt of my imagination
dried out slowly how that
huge tree sucked out every
living thing from it.
I will never know: I have a dead tree,
broken teeth and a t-shirt with
a purple-red spot on it
where my heart used to be,
but not you.

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