Pen friend

I was ten
I had a pen friend
I found her address
in a Garfield comic
She answered
almost immediately
She was cool, she sent me
a bunch of nice stickers
– the teenager currency –
and wrote long letters
and put them into
scented envelopes
I wanted to meet her
– a book-lover and
freak – she wrote me
I can’t they just cut my
right leg
She had cancer, I didn’t
really feel the
weight of this
She was far away and kept
sending me letters as I
After a while
I got a letter from her
mother to say thank you
to make her life
a bit more beautiful
but sadly she passed away
I didn’t know what am I supposed to
feel but
I dressed in black next morning
My mom asked me why
but I couldn’t answer
I still have those letters
to feel like
I did something nice
Those were really cool
stickers, dude.

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